Dante Alighieri Society’s Italian Language Schools for Foreigners offer courses based on six levels, aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages:

Level A1: Initial contact (Pre-Beginner/Beginner)
Level A2: Survival (Elementary)
Level B1: Threshold (Intermediate)
Level B2: Progress (Upper-Intermediate – Level required to be admitted to Italian Universities or AFAM Institutes (Institutes of High Training in Art, Music and Dance).
Level C1: Advanced
Level C2: Proficient

The Italian language courses of the Dante Schools vary according to the duration, the number of hours and weekly lessons. They range from Intensive (80 hours for one month) and Semi-Intensive (80 hours for two months) to Ordinary (two lessons per week). The educational offer also includes conversation courses and preparation courses for the PLIDA certification exam. In addition to group courses, the Schools offer individual lessons and lessons for small groups. Upon request, cultural and thematic courses are also available.

In addition to classroom lessons, every week several cultural activities are offered to complement academic learning, among these are: educational trips, project work (group activities taking place outside the classroom consisting of various “tasks” defined by both teacher and students), film viewing, guided newspaper reading to acquire an appreciation of the most important contemporary issues in Italy, and many other activities.

The Schools also organise courses for Businesses, Embassies, foreign Academies, Pontifical Universities, religious Institutes etc. Lessons can be held at our Schools or any other agreed venue.

The didactic method utilised is the eclectic approach, aimed substantially at developing linguistic competencies (listening, reading, speaking/interaction skills, writing) and understanding of the socio-cultural context. Courses aim to provide the necessary tools for effective integration in social, professional or academic contexts.

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Types of language courses
For more detailed information on the courses offered please contact the individual Schools.


Ordinary Italian language course 2 times per week


Semi-Intensive Italian language course of 80 hours for 2 months

Intensive in 1 month

Intensive Italian language course of 20, 40, 60, 80 hours for 1 month

Intensive course for 6 or 9 months

Complete Italian language course of 480 hours in 6 months or 720 hours for 9 months


Italian language conversation course of 20, 16 or 8 hours for 1 month

PLIDA exam preparation course

Course to familiarise with the PLIDA exam format

Small Group lessons

Lesson packages of 10/20 or more hours

Individual lessons

Lesson packages of 10/20 or more hours

Art courses

Lessons on Italian Art

Lessons on Skype

Lesson packages via Skype, to be planned according to student availability

Opera Libretto course

Lessons dedicated to the study and in-depth analysis of Opera Libretti

Courses for Companies

Tailored courses for employees