[FI] Reading and understanding an Opera’s Libretto, diction and sectoral language

by School of Florence


This course is designed for the study of the Italian Opera Libretto and of diction, however it can be demanded for the study of different sectoral languages.
Lessons: 20 hours total
Time: to be defined based on student requirements.
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
Course availability will be based on the number of requests


The course for reading and understanding of libretti has been designed for musicians and singers attending Conservatories and Academies of Music, yet is also addressed to lovers of “Bel canto”. Lessons are planned according to specific learner needs and are integrated with materials and activities conceived by the teachers. In particular, careful attention is given to the knowledge and understanding of the grammar applied to arias and recitatives while giving equal attention to fundamental reading exercises that aim to improve pronunciation and intonation. In addition to the language of opera, the School of Florence offers other specific Italian language courses in professional fields including Medicine, Law and Art, with teachers highly specialised in these areas







Courses are held in Italian. Each lesson runs for 50 minutes. Management reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of registered students is not reached. The number of course hours and their relative cost may change, depending on the calendar and on School closings for public holidays.


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