[MI] Lessons on Skype 1 hour

by School of Milan


1 hour Skype lesson
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


Lessons via Skype are conceived for those who are not able to attend our school. We offer individual or group lessons.
Individual lessons entail a placement test after which a needs-analysis is carried out to establish the student’s profile and identify topics, communicative situations, their preferred learning style, objectives, deadlines and other useful information that is necessary for the teacher to outline an appropriate didactic approach that matches student’s needs and requests. An ongoing evaluation of acquired skills allows for a careful monitoring of the learning process and makes it possible to adjust the approach should this prove necessary. For in-company group lessons, teachers elaborate a didactic programme that also includes profession-specific linguistic and communication requirements related to the professional framework. Hourly packages can be purchased, according to the length of the study programme selected by the learner and/or suggested by the teacher.   

Courses are held in Italian.


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