[RM] Individual lessons 1 hour

by School of Rome


Italian language
Lessons: 1 hour
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2



Individual lessons are geared towards students who wish to speed up learning and require a specifically targeted course to suit their needs. At the start, after sitting for the placement test, a needs-analysis is carried out to identify the topics, communicative situations, the preferred learning style of students, objectives, and other useful information.  Accordingly, the teacher is provided with important information which will help outline the appropriate didactic approach that meets student needs and requests. Ongoing evaluation of acquired skills allows for a careful monitoring of the learning process and makes it possible to adjust the approach should this prove necessary.  Hourly packages can be purchased, according to the length of the study programme decided by the student and/or suggested by the teacher.

Courses are held in Italian. Each lesson runs for 60 minutes.


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