[RM] Semi-Intensive Course (80 hours)

by School of Rome

Semi-Intensive Course (80 hours 2 months)

Lessons: please, contact the reception of the School.
Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
Course level availability will be based on the number of requests


For further information contact us at address info@roma.ladante.it.


The Semi-Intensive course consists of 80 hours and allows for completion of a language level in two months. Unlike the Intensive course, the Semi-Intensive course offers a study pathway which is more diluted in time and is suitable for those preferring to study a foreign language at a less intense pace or wishing to take breaks throughout the week.

Courses are held in Italian. Each lesson runs for 50 minutes. Management reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of registered students is not reached. The number of course hours and their relative cost may change, depending on the calendar and on School closings for public holidays


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