The schools

The Italian Language Schools of Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna and Turin offer Italian language and culture courses for foreign students who wish to start learning or continue their study of the Italian language and culture.  Our courses cover the entire language level pathway from level A1 to C2 and are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The Italian Language School of Rome is located in the historic centre of the “eternal city”, just a few steps away from the most famous monuments and tourist attractions which characterise it universally. Thanks to its very central position and gorgeous 16th century building, “Palazzo Firenze”, the school offers students the opportunity of living an authentic cultural and artistic experience in the heart of Italy’s capital city.

The Italian Language School of Milan is situated near the Central Station, easily reached by public transportation, and close to the most famous tourist attractions of the city. Milan, capital of fashion, design, music and finance, with its clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, museums, theatres and concert halls, ensures an abundance of cultural and social activities for students.

The Italian Language School of Florence is situated in the very heart of the historic centre, a few steps away from the Cathedral, the Church of the SS Annunziata, and the Archaeological Museum. Located inside the former San Pierino Oratory, its interior still preserves important frescoes of the most representative Florentine artists of the late 16th century; a venue of significant historical prestige, in the cradle of the  Italian Renaissance.

The Italian Language School of Bologna  is situated in the heart of the historic centre, a few steps away from the famous Piazza Maggiore and from the most important and characteristic attractions of the city. Bologna has an extremely rich artistic, cultural and gastronomic heritage with traditions and customs that will engage students in extraordinary and authentic experiences in the heart of one of Italy’s most charming and fascinating cities.

The Italian Language School of Turin is located in the elegant Crocetta district, between the central Porta Nuova station and the Polytechnic University. Renowned, all over the world for being the capital of the Italian automotive industry, Turin is also a major cultural hub, home to prestigious universities and international museums such as the Egyptian Museum, representing the ideal meeting point between history, art, technology and innovation.